Map Comparison Kit


Most of the products developed by RIKS generate quantities of output in the form of time series of maps. In order to access and evaluate these model results we developed the The Map Comparison Kit (MCK). The MCK handles series of maps in a user-friendly and transparent manner and offers tools to analyse the spatio-temporal data. The MCK offers besides a number of comparison algorithms also advanced options for visualizing, organizing and exporting raster maps.

New per 17 September 2004: Version 2.0 of the Map Comparison Kit is available. It includes new legend functionality (under the hints button) and better numerical stability of the Fuzzy Set map comparison.

New per early 2007: Version 3 of the MCK has been released. Among the numerous new options are the tools to run multiple comparisons in batch.

New per late 2009: Version 3.2 of the MCK has been released. The most important new feature is the opportunity to compare very large maps.

New per early 2011: Version 3.2.2 of the MCK has been released. In this version some bugs were solved related to windows 7 and it contains the Kappa Simulation algorithm.

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