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For the last 20 years RIKS has been producing software tools to support planners by allowing them to test and analyse the impact of policy alternatives on their city, region or country.

We have developed the Metronamica land use modelling framework that allows you to set up a land use change model for your own region without any software development. Furthermore, we make tailor-made Spatial Decision Support System that include models from a range of disciplines (economics, demographics, hydrology, plant growth, land use, transport...), which are selected depending on the policy context. These systems provide users with an integrated assessment of various scenarios on social, environmental and economic indicators.

Our tools have been used in:

  • Cities and urban areas
  • Regional planning (administrative region, country, international)
  • River basins and coastal zones
  • Environmental studies and ecosystems

Check out our projects page to see where these tools are already being used, or check out our products page to see if our standard products meet your requirements. As many problems are unique RIKS often develops tailor made systems, you can find some demonstration version of some of our systems on the download page. On this page you will also find more information of our Geonamica software platform that underlies all our Spatial Decision Support Systems. See our services page to understand how this is done. Stop by our publications page to see the academic papers RIKS has published.