Bushfire and Natural Hazards Decision Support System

2014-2017, Australia

In this project, RIKS collaborates with the University of Adelaide to develop a user-friendly, computer-based prototype decision support tool that enable the impact of different policy and planning options on various economic, environmental and/or social objectives to be assessed for three end-user defined case studies. This will enable the best possible disaster mitigation options to be identified, thereby increasing disaster preparedness, as well as reducing disaster impact and the cost of disaster response and rehabilitation. Consequently, the specific objectives of the project are:

  • To develop a systematic and transparent approach to sifting through, evaluating and ranking disaster and natural hazard mitigation options using analytical processes and tools.

  • To develop prototype decision support software tools that implement the above approach for three end-user defined case studies, the first of which is most likely to be the SA-State Emergency Risk Management System.