SOER 2010

2009-2010, Europe,

SOER 2010 will be the fourth state and outlook report on the European environment produced by the EEA. The report will cover the current state of the environment for the whole of Europe, how we got there and where we will go to. It describes what is being done and what could be done to improve the current or future state.

The SOER 2010 will consist of 3 parts. Part A includes long term outlooks, targeting periods for 50 or more years in the future on a global and continental scale. Part B includes a series of thematic outlook studies for periods up to 2020 or 2030. Part C finally includes contributions from individual countries. RIKS contribution to the SOER 2010 is to provide an overview of several land use outlooks for Europe. Each of the respective outlook studies forecast land use on the mid-term, 10 to 30 years in the future. The results of this project will be used as input to the thematic chapters in part B.

The evaluation of land use outlooks includes a qualitative and a quantitative part. From an initial collection of land use studies a selection was made of studies for which quantitative results on area totals and yields were available for comparison: SCENAR-II, SENSOR, ETC LUSI, EFMA and LUMOCAP. These studies include results for several scenarios that typically account for policy options such as the biofuel directive or CAP reforms.